Patients’ letter

Know September 2006 I am Totally Cancer FREE!!!!!

“Two years ago I was in a serious traffic accident where doctors gave up on myself as they could not stop the bleeding as I have a rare type of blood.

I had some friends that knew of an Acupuncture College and said we are taking you to see Dr. Ganglin Yin. I had little experience with acupuncture and Chinese medicine but  Thanks to Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology (Dr. Yin) said I can help you.    I work with Dr. Yin in treatments of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for 1 month and he has Cured myself of serious  Bleeding in the stomach.

After 1 month I was not feeling right so the doctors did an MRI and Bone and Cat Scan.  They called me to come in as they had found something.    They gave me the news that I had very aggressive Bone Cancer.   This is known 2 years ago, they told me that I had to start Chemotherapy right away.   I ask them what my chances were with Chemo and without.

The Doctors told me that with Chemotherapy I would have 3 -6 months and without 1-2 months. Yes, I was scared when they told me, but I decided to take the natural route and do not have the Chemotherapy or Radiation.

Again went to see Dr. Yin at the Oshio College told him what they found.  So In Mid 2005 when I was told of the Bone Cancer Dr. Yin started myself on Acupuncture to relieve the pain as I had the Bone Cancer in Both Legs Right Hip Spine, Within 3 days I noticed pain level had dropped Dr. Yin then put me on Heavy Treatment of Chinese Herbs.  After going to Dr. Yin 2 X a week I had my Lab work and Bone Scan repeated after 3 months, the doctors were amazed how well I was doing.   All they could tell me was gee the medication we are giving you are slowing down and No Cancer in Left Leg.    I laughed at them and said you have not given me anything and then I told them about what I am doing they could not believe but said keep up the good work.

In the last summer of 2005, My cancer had disappeared in Both Legs and the Cancer in the spine had slowed down.   In early 2006 Dr. Yin introduced myself to one of his Senior Student Mark Switzer and continued with Mark with the treatments.  To this day (September 2006), I have so much more energy my symptoms of nausea anxiety and restlessness were relieved.

I feel significantly better, and highly recommend the approach of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to anyone.  With the experience with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, it should be included in all cancer therapies.

Know September 2006 I am Totally Cancer FREE!!!!! without any Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments.

Special Thanks to Dr. Ganglin Yin of Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology

Dr. Mark Switzer of Oriental Health Center