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Our Staff and Instructors

An image of our principal Dr. Yin Ganglin.

Dr. Ganglin Yin, Dr. TCM

Dr. Yin has a MD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (HUTCM) and a Masters degree in TCM from Hunan University of China.  From 1985 to 1992, Dr. Yin was an Associate Professor of Acupuncture at HUTCM. From 1993 to 1996, he was the chief doctor in the Chinese Acupuncture-Massage Specialist Group and clinic of HUTCM in Russia. From 1997 to 1999, he was a professor and the academic dean of International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Victoria, Canada. In 2000, he was a professor and the faculty dean of Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Dr. Yin has published 4 books on acupuncture and herbology. Titles include: Advanced Modern Chinese Acupuncture Therapy – A Practical Handbook for Intermediate and Advanced Study. Dr. Yin is a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (R.D.TCM) in the province of BC, Canada and a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.). Dr. Yin also maintains an Acupuncture and Herbology clinical practice at Oshio College.

An image of Dr. Hu Zhiguang.

Hu, Zhiguang, M.D. (China), Associate Professor of Medicine (China), R.Ac., Vice Principal, Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Hu received her MD at Nanhua University, Hengyang, China in 1983. She practiced as a physician and neurologist in Hunan Province Hospital from 1983 to 1989.  From 1990 to 2001, she worked as a chief physician and acupuncturist at Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HUTCM). In 1995 to 1996 she worked in the Chinese Acupuncture-Massage Specialist Group and clinic of HUTCM in Russia, and treated thousands of patients using acupuncture. She was promoted to an Associate Professor of Medicine in 2000. Dr. Hu is a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) of BC, Canada. Dr. Hu also operates her Acupuncture and Herbology clinical practice at Oshio College.

An image of Dr. Jin Tripp.

Dr. Jin Tripp (Jin Zhao), MD (China), DTCM, RTCMP

Dr. Jin Tripp is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with 11 years of training in Western and Traditional Medicine areas and 30 years’ experience working in Canada and China. After graduation from Jin Zhou Medical University
(China), Dr. Tripp worked and taught in China for over 20 years. During that time, she became a chief physician, and this gave her extensive medical experience. While in Canada, Dr. Tripp upgraded her skills by studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in English, and earned the TCMP registration in BC.  She has also worked as an instructor and clinic supervisor in Victoria since 2008.

An image of Dr. Yu Lin Chiang.

Yu-Lin Chiang, R.TCMP, Instructor

A graduate of Oshio College with a 4-year TCMP program diploma, Yu-Lin has a great deal of knowledge and experience in supervising acupuncture and herbal clinical practice and teaching acupuncture and herbal courses.

An image of Dr Edward Mccloskey.

Dr. Edward Mccloskey

Dr. McCloskey began his health journey while pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa where he dedicated his last year learning how to use performance psychology to improve quality of life.He dedicated the next 5 years to obtaining his doctorate diploma in TCM. As a lifelong learner, Dr. McCloskey has travelled extensively around Canada, the US, Spain, Canada and Colombia shadowing different practitioners who are obtaining excellent clinical results using Chinese medicine, conventional medicine, osteopathy, ayurveda, manual therapy, reiki, homeopathy, and bioenergetic medicine.He adopts an integrative treatment approach that aims to bring the patient’s body, mind and spirit back into a state of harmony.Dr. McCloskey is passionate about education. He lectures on various health and wellness topics, while seeing patients out of two integrative health clinics located in Victoria, BC.

Zhang, Jing, Ph.D., Dr. of TCM, Professor:

Dr. Zhang completed a Bachelor of Medicine degree (specializing in acupuncture and moxibustion), a Master of Medicine degree (specializing in integrating TCM and modern medicine) and a PhD in Internal Medicine of TCM at the Chengdu University of TCM, Sichuan Province, China. Dr. Zhang has extensive experience in teaching, research and clinical practice in the field of Internal Medicine, Gerontology and Rehabilitation as well as the integration of TCM and Western Medicine. From 1999 until 2008, Dr. Zhang worked as a TCM doctor, acupuncturist and teacher at the First Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of TCM.

Wong, CK,  R.Ac, Instructor

Graduating from Oshio College, C.K. Wong is very good at treating soft tissue injury with traditional Chinese tui na massage. His hand massage manipulation is very traditional and unique, with great treatment results. He has practiced tui na massage in Hong Kong and Victoria, B.C. for more than 30 years.

Li, Li Jie, B.A., R.TCM, Instructor

A graduate of Oshio College with a 4-year TCMP program diploma, Li Jie Li is an excellent teacher.

Lisa Cumberland, B.A., R.Ac., Clinical Supervisor, Registrar

Graduating from Oshio College with the  5-year Doctor of TCM program diploma, Lisa has years of experience treating patients with a combination of massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Chen, Kai, Ph.D., Dr.TCM, Senior Professor:

Dr. Kai Chen

Dr. Chen earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the Beijing College of TCM. He then completed his Masters of Medicine at the China Academy of TCM and ultimately, after 11 years of total TCM training, earned his PhD. Dr. Chen has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Canada for more than 27 years and has been teaching in Canada for 14 years and at Oshio College since 2001.  He has a great sense of humor and is well loved by the students.

Rhonda Shepek, CPA,CMA,  Instructor

Rhonda Recieved Her Professional Accounting Designation In 1999.  She Possesses More Than 25 Years Of Financial And Management Accounting Experience.Rhonda’s Experience Includes Private Sector, Government, And Post-Secondary Academic Environment   She Has Had The Privilege Of  Working With Some Of The Most Brilliant Researcher In The World While Working At The University Of Saskatchewan  The University Of British Columbia And The University Of Regina.  She Also Currently Enjoys Being A Guest Lecturer At Pacific Rim College.

Dr. Kewu (Kevin) Hu, PhD/DTCM (China), RTCMP

Dr. Kevin Hu has been devoted to health care career for more than 30 years. He has practiced and taught Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and western medicine since 1986 in China and has been teaching in Canada since 2004. He was a physician of integrative Chinese and Western Medicine in Changhang General Hospital. He received his PhD in Medicine later from Guangzhou University of TCM, where he served as professor. In the past 30 years, he successfully treated thousands of patients in acute or chronic, simple or complicated conditions like heart failure, amenorrhea, and chronic pain syndromes. He currently runs his busy BayVan Clinic in Victoria.

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