Royal Pacific Institute

Attendance Policy

Effective Date:

February 20, 2008

  1. The  minimum attendance requirements for students are as follows:

·     Students are expected to attend allclasses and clinic times.  As the CTCMArequires a certain number of hours to write licensing exams any missed hoursmust be made up at a later date

·      Students and instructors are expectedto be on time for classes.  If for somereason you need to be late for a class, please wait for an appropriate time toenter that classroom and then do so quietly so as not to disturb the class.

·     Students who are more than 10 minuteslate for class are asked to wait until break time to enter the class, so as tominimize disruption to the class.  Unlessthe student has contacted the teacher with notice of being late that day, thestudent will be marked as absent for the day.

·     The College will deliver the student’sattendance sheets to every instructor before the instructor starts teaching acourse.  The instructor should return thefilled student’s attendance sheet to the College within 1 week after the courseends.   The College should then keep thestudent’s attendance sheets in the school file cabinet, and record the individualstudent’s attendance rates in the student’s file.

  1. The consequences for students who do not meet the minimum attendance     requirements listed above are as follows:

·     Please be aware that students who have studentloans or grants are required to attend a minimum number of classes.  If students fail to attend the required hoursor drop down to  part time studies thecollege is required by law to notify the student loans branch.  This could result in the student losing theireligibility for student loans.

  1. The process by which students must report an absence is as follows:

·     If you are unable to attend due toillness or some sort of emergency, please notify the school.   Please email the teachers directly unless youare unable to in which case you can call or email the school.  

·     If you have a patient scheduled, youare responsible for contacting the patient ASAP and rescheduling for anothertime or arranging for another student to do the treatment.

  1. Hands up policy:

·     During class time, if a student wishesto ask a question or comment on the topic, the student is asked to raisehis/her hand and wait for the teacher to acknowledge him/her before speaking inclass. This is to minimize disruption in the classes.

  1. Food  during class policy:

Studentsare asked to wait until break time or lunch time to eat, to minimizedisruptions.

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