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Dispute Resolution and Grade Appeal  

Effective Date:

October 1, 2016

1.  A. This policy governs complaints fromstudents respecting Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology  and any aspect of its operations.  Students will not be subject to any form ofretaliation as a result of filing a complaint.

B.   All student complaints must be made inwriting.

C. The student must provide the writtencomplaint to the Senior Educational Administrator, who is responsible formaking determinations in respect of complaints. If the Senior Educational Administrator is absent or is named in acomplaint, the student must provide the complaint to the Registrar.

2.  A student who makes or is otherwise involvedin a complaint will not be subject to any form of retaliation by theinstitution at any time.

3. The process by which the studentcomplaint will be handled is as follows:

Procedurefor Student Disputes:

1.     When aconcern arises, the student should address the concern with the staff membermost directly involved.  If the studentis not satisfied with the outcome at this level, the student should put his/herconcern in writing and deliver it to the Senior Educational Administrator( DrYin  If the Senior educational administrator isabsent or named in the complaint please speak with the registrar(Erin AlexanderTCMP

2.     TheSenior Educational Administrator will arrange to meet with the student todiscuss the concern and desired resolution within  5 school days of receiving the student’swritten concern, or as soon as practicable.

3.     Followingthe meeting with the student, the Senior Educational Administrator will conductwhatever enquiries and/or investigations are necessary and appropriate todetermine whether the student’s concerns are substantiated in whole or in part.Those inquiries may involve further discussion(s) with the student eitherindividually or with appropriate (institution’s) personnel.

4.     Thenecessary enquiries and / or investigations shall be completed no later than 30school days following the receipt of the student’s written concerns.  The Senior Educational Administrator will doone of the following within 30 days of receiving the student’s writtenconcerns:

a.     Determinethat the student’s concerns are not substantiated; or

b.     Determinethat the student’s concerns are substantiated in whole or in part;

c.     Determinethat the student’s concerns are frivolous and vexatious.

Thestudent and the institution’s personnel involved shall receive a writtensummary of the above determination. A copy of all documentation relating toevery student’s complaint should be signed by all parties. A copy shall begiven to the student, a copy will be placed in the school’s Student ConductFile, and the original will be placed in the student file.

5.     If ithas been determined that the Student’s concerns are substantiated in whole orin part the Senior Educational Administrator shall include a proposedresolution of the substantiated concern(s).

6.     If thestudent is not satisfied with the determination of the Senior EducationalAdministrator, the student must advise the Senior Educational Administratorwithin 48 hours of being informed of the determination. The Senior EducationalAdministrator will immediately refer the matter to the Owner of theInstitution. The Owner of the institution will review the matter and meet withthe student within 5 school days.

7.     TheOwner of the institution shall either confirm or vary the determination of theSenior Educational Administrator.  Atthis point the School’s Dispute Resolution Process will be consideredexhausted.

8.     If theissue is of a serious nature the Owner of the School may, in his/her solediscretion and cost, engage the services of a third party mediator to assist inthe resolution of the dispute.


·     Theprocess must include a maximum of 2 steps and provide the name, title and emailof the individual responsible for making the initial determination and, ifapplicable, the name, title and email of the individual responsible for thereconsideration. It should also include the name, title and email of theindividual(s) making a determination if that person is absent or named in thecomplaint.  

The institution must provide the reasons for thedetermination and the reconsideration (if any) to the student within 30 daysafter the date on which the student made the complaint.


Procedurefor Grade Appeal:

1.     If astudent is dissatisfied with the grade received for a mid-term or final courseassessment and can provide evidence that a higher grade is warranted he/sheshould discuss with his/her instructor. The instructor will reconsider the grade and, if warranted, assign adifferent grade.

2.     If thestudent is not satisfied with the outcome of his/her appeal to the instructor,he/she should submit a written appeal to the Senior Educational Administrator.

3.     TheSenior Educational Administrator will obtain a copy of the mid-term or finalassessment from the instructor and will have the assessment re-marked byanother instructor.

4.     If theassessment achieves a higher grade on re-mark, the higher grade will beassigned to the student.  If theassessment achieves a lower grade on re-mark, the original grade will beretained.


5.     If agrade appeal is reviewed by the Senior Educational Administrator, the gradeassigned following the re-mark and review will be final and cannot be appealedfurther.

In addition, please note that:

·     Written reasons for the determination will be provided tothe student within 45 days after the date on which the complaint was made.

·     The student making the complaint may be represented by anagent or a lawyer.

·     If the student is or was enrolled in an approved program, isdissatisfied with the determination, and has been misled by the institutionregarding any significant aspect of that program, he or she may file acomplaint with the Private Training Institutions Branch ( Complaintsmust be filed with PTIB within one year of the date a student completes, isdismissed from, or withdraws from the program.

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