Royal Pacific Institute

Part-time Student Policy

Effective Date:

June 20, 2015

Protocol for filling in StudentEnrolment contracts for part- time students:


When enrolling students to take part-time courses, the student enrolment contract will reflect the correct durationin hours and weeks and the schedule delivery (part-time).


The student contract will clearlyindicate the start and end date and this will match the duration of thecontract by semester, or semester(s) if they know in advance they will takepart-time courses for more than one semester in a calendar year.


The program name will reflect thecourse name and also which program the student is enrolled in. (for example,Doctor of TCM – year 4, course name xyz).


This is in accordance with the PTIBPlaceholder agreement policy.


Even with a student taking one class itis still important to have them sign a Student Enrolment Contract.


PTIBconsiders part time to be just less than 20 hours per week whereas Student AidBC considers part time status to be 40% of a regular course load or less

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