Royal Pacific Institute

Withdrawal Policy

Effective Date:

February 12, 2008



A student has theright to withdraw during the study period and the college will process theirrefund according to the Student Contract.

Procedure for withdrawal:

1.    When a student wants to withdraw, thestudent should provide a written letter of their intent to withdraw to thecollege.   The principal will thenconfirm the withdrawal by writing, within 2 school days, upon receiving theletter from the student.  The withdrawalwill be effective from the date the principal or Senior Administrator receivesthe letter or alternatively, by a date which is selected by the student but thatis later than the date that the principal or the Senior Administrator receivesthe notice.  

2.    The College will process their refundaccording to the Student Contract. If there is any refund, the College willmake the refund cheque available in the College or mail the cheque to thestudent according to the student’s requirement within 5 school days.

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