Royal Pacific Institute

Work Experience Policy

Effective Date:

January 30, 2017

1.    The work experience is arequired part of the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Program in which thestudent obtains practical skills relevant to the learning objectives of theprogram.

2.    The requirements forparticipation in the work experience are as follows:

·       Registrationwith CTCMA

3.     The process by which the student will beplaced in a work experience is as follows:

·       Allwork experience is undertaken at the on-campus student clinics. When thestudent has completed the above-mentioned pre-requisites, he/she may enroll inClinical Internship courses starting with just observation with the clinicalsupervisor and other senior students and then with continued experience theycan start to treat patients themselves while being observed by the clinicalsupervisor.

  1. The process by which the student     will be evaluated in relation to the work experience component is as     follows:

·       Atthe mid-term and final week of each semester, the Clinical supervisor willcomplete and provide the student a copy of a written evaluation, based on thelearning objectives and expectations of the Clinical Internship Courseoutlines.

·       Thestudent will also receive verbal feedback during the times when the Clinicalsupervisor is observing their assessment, treatment and documentation ofpatients.

  1. Oshio College will monitor the     student during the work experience by reviewing:

·       each week whether the student is attending thework experience; and

twicea semester whether the student is meeting the learning objectives of theCollege of Acupuncture and Herbology.

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